Andrew Lee, Chief Executive Officer

MBA in Corporate Strategy, Investment Analysis and International Financial Markets

Andrew is a South African national with over 25 years working for and running insurance companies in Africa as well as extended experience in managing insurance start-ups.

Andrew began his career with the largest Direct Insurer in Africa and rose to the position of regional head of operations. Andrew then joined Hollard Insurance in 1995 as AGM for their largest portfolio of business with over 200 people working for him. By the time Andrew left Hollard in 1999 he was the GM for all new business in SA. After a number of years running his own consultancy in insurance product development, viability and implementation he was approached to head up a large insurance start up project on behalf of Old Mutual SA. Upon completion of the project he took up the position of MD at Resolution insurance SA.

He was the CEO of ADC Insurance Investments (ADCII) from October 2010 until the start of 2013. During this period he also held the positions of Chairman of Resolution Insurance East Africa and Director of iVeri and Evripay in South Africa. His current positions include CEO Aprica and Director Regal HCV underwriters.

Andrew has demonstrated experience at all levels of the insurance business from management and project management through to general and executive management. Over the last 5 years Andrew has been creating an Insurance Investment vehicle for SSA through raising funds in Africa, Europe and the USA. He headed up the team that purchased Resolution Insurance East Africa in 2011. The asset was sold in 2014 with a net gain of $6m.

He has been a speaker at several international conferences in Europe and Africa on Investing in Africa, focus on Insurance. He has also researched insurance in over 24 African countries.